All About Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is the most used type of high security fencing today. It is available powder coated in many different colours and many extra security features including snap off bolts, additional spikes between the pales and a method used to give the posts more grip and stability.

Snap Off Bolts

This method used in manufacturing enables the bolts to be tightened extremely tight and then the nut will break off, this makes sure that no one can remove the fixings to gain entry.

Additional spikes

On standard palisade fencing the spikes are situated on each paling and it is rather easy for unwanted intruders to scale the fencing between each pale. It is possible to have extra spikes welded in between to make climbing over almost impossible.

Extra grip for posts

Some manufacturers use a method of putting holes in the bottom section of the posts, this allows for the concrete to have more grip on the post and has less chance of becoming loose over time. A loose post will allow intruders to shake the fence and gain entry.

The fence is manufactured from the highest quality steel to ensure that it is up to the job and can’t be easily cut through. Palisade fencing can be powder coated in many different colours, the most popular at this time is green.
Powder coating is a process of applying dry paint to the surface. It is hard, tough and very abrasion resistant this is perfect for security fencing and it will last many more years than other types of fencing.

An example of palisade fencing

An example of palisade fencing

The height of of palisade fencing is generally between 1.8 metres and 3 metres but it can be made to any specification you require by a professional company.

This type of fencing has been used for many years in many different countries including Greece, north America and south Africa. It was used around forts made from medium sized tree trunks without any gaps in between and the tops were sharpened to a point. After they were driven into the ground sometimes additional wooden supports were added behind. Wooden palisade fencing is not used as much today due to more tougher materials available.

palisade fencing

As you can gather it has been around for a very long time and adapted to be more secure than ever, a perfect choice of security fencing for almost any situation but is more suited to public and commercial buildings but can be used as domestic fencing.

Looking for cheap palisade fencing?

We do not recommend that you purchase the cheapest option. If you need a security fence then the steel used in a cheaper option will not be as high quality and you will only have the standard security features. Additional spikes and snap off bolts are must have extras, after all you are purchasing this fence to protect your property so only the most secure should be an option.